Thursday, 7 June 2012

If today were a fish I'd throw it back

If today were a fish I'd throw it back.

Oh the drama. I havent been on here in a while as I have been busy with my synopsis - constructive comments from Abingdon Writers and I am polishing it ready for submissions. I have to of course work on my first three chapters amd I need to do that stat.

The issue I have had has been with my pet goldfish - Max and Cinderella. They are not well after three weeks. H has been to the pet store and the nitrate level in the water is too high... They also have white spot- I am treating them for all and sundry but who knows if they will pull through - I dont know why I am so attached to them but I am and now look what's happened.

But back to writing. I am currently doing quite a few short stories - which can be found at The Lens and the Quill (see link on the right) at the moment I am doing stories set in Berlin, Madrid and Paris and I am really enjoying writing them. Sometimes I think a short story just an introduction to a novel - with many short stories you can probably make them into novels. It's an interesting thought and concept- maybe I will try it out.

We really wanted to self publish a selection of the short stories on to Kindle - but with Pictures I dont think that will work- maybe I will email one to my kindle. Now that I have worked out how to do it.

Anyway... lots has been happening in the literary world and my reading. I am now reading Saffina Desforges Sugar and Spice - it is definately an interesting read - and I dont feel so bad about the formatting of Goa Traffic now that I am reading stuff on Kindle- I think I did okay.