Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Under the Coconut Tree...

What a glorious day… If only I had word on my notebook I could sit in the garden and work on my two WIP’s. Let me start with The Bittersweet Vine. I am making progress the fourth draft is plodding along. The other evening when H was out I took it as an opportunity to edit like a crazy person. At 10:30 (bearing in mind I have been at work all day at a computer) my eyes, bloodshot (okay so I exaggerate a little) my eyes tired I scrambled to bed – H walks in and laughs at my need to edit!!! He just doesn’t know how time consuming and laborious it is. Anyway I don’t think I am going to make much progress over the next couple of weeks but I am definitely hoping to get it done for the end of April!!!!

On to book number 3 – Under The Coconut Tree – since the launch of my website www.marissadeluna.com I have had quite a bit of interest in The Chupplejeep Mysteries and it has motivated me to get a move on with it – I am a mere 4000 words in but hey once I hit the 10,000 word mark I am usually on a role! They are not going to be hugely long books – approx 60,000 words perhaps. What I have written I am happy with (that’s a first! – in fact I probably wont like it when I start editing it but anyway 4000 words is a start.

I am also reading The Man who Rained by Ali Shaw before our event on Thursday – soooo much to do! Ali Shaw has an amazing talent and creates beautiful imagery… the story is pretty good as well but I will let you know when I finish!

My final thoughts are on Microsoft word – you see I have a notepad without Word and I clearly need it to write. If I had this we wouldn’t have to share a computer in our house and perhaps I could edit at lunchtime! ( I hate having to email versions back and forth- especially as we are on 2007 at work and something from the dark ages at home) – decision made I am going to have to bite the bullet and purchase word (so the business of writing is not so free after all) and its £100 well blow me down!!!

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