Friday, 30 March 2012

There are two kinds of writer:

There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.

- Brian Aldiss
Well the Abingdon Writers event at Abingdon Library went well. Its funny but going to listen to authors talk and sign books etc is pretty good and I am going to go to more author talk events- You get to speak to teh writer - and writers should speak to other writers - you realsie the difference between a published writer and an unpublished one is just that - I always kind of assumed that published writers were in another realm - no theya are everyday people - it just shows you how ignorant I can be for a writer I guess. That aside... Ali Shaw seems like a lovely guy and well into his third novel. I dream of being able to write full time... One day...maybe. It also shows you that all types of authors (self pubbed or not- or even just writers who havent broached publishing- they need to get out there and circulate-because when people meet to you and talk to you they are more likely to buy your book because there is some connection- unless youare a vile person- and writers never are - are they?) and clearly if they dont like you theya re hardly likely to like your book. Just a thought.

Ali said as have so many writers - that if you are a writer you feel compelled to do so and whether you were getting paid or not you would still do it. very true - ah but to earn a living and do what you love wouldnt that be bliss?

Its the Oxford Literary festival at the moment and I will be listening to Sophie Hannah on Saturday which I am looking forward to.

Apart from that not much else is happening - I am 90 pages into to draft 4 of The Bittersweet Vine (thats normal draft 1 to most writers- due to my impatience) and 5000 words into Under The Coconut Tree. I can see light at the end of the tunnel now for The Bittersweet - I wanted to work on it tonight but I dont think that is going to happen - flu has me in its grasp - although I hauled my bones into work today!

And another thing taht I must share- I was drafting Bittersweet the other day and I was so impressed with one line I wroe _ I had to google it to check it was actually my work and I hadnt stolen it!! It made me laugh- but tehre you go - maybe my writing is improving.

Have a fabuloso Easter if I dont blog before then- I will be reading Tess Gerritson Body Double

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