Thursday, 8 March 2012

Its just nice...

You can tell when I am in a real hurry to blog because I dont bother with a quote - Lazy isn't it? I know.... but time is precious. H is being slow with the website - I nab the computer for one night to finish draft three of The Bittersweet Vine and he loses all momentum... that brings me onto another subject ... How am I a writer without my own PC? I guess I should get onto that...maybe for my next birthday.. ahhhh the dreaded 31 is fast approaching. Weirdly I dont mind 31. It sound better than 30. Well no it doesnt but I feel more myself now. I have got one book under my belt and another three in the pipeline.

Someone at work the other day said they read my blog and liked it (And yes I think it was a genuine comment) - which was rather nice because it made me feel all happy inside. It also made me think how often do we think things and not say them for example 'I like your top' would you say that to a stranger? Probably not but why not. Pay it forward I say it will make the world a nicer place.

So back to my writing and can I just say I have finished draft 3 of The Bittersweet Vine (Can I just say at this point my draft three is like other writers draft 1 - the reason being I like to be speedy and my thoughts run at a hundred miles an hour so I have to be speedy) anyway next plan is to re-shuffle the chapters with any luck I will have done that by this time next week.

Oh and I listened to my Radio Oxford Interview the other day - well I had to or H said he wasnt going to put it on my website- and lets be honest I couldnt put something on my website I hadnt listened to. It wasnt as bad as I thought. The first part was a bit shaky and I jumbled my words in places - not good for a writer but hey thats just me - I do better at physically writing than talking- well thats what I tell myself (clearly no grammar improvements)

I also feel I have been hard done by from Authorhouse who have sent me a royalty cheque for Q4 but not 3 - stating I had no sales - mmmm so I had sales in quarter two and 4 but not three- maybe but funny how it coincides with their technical glitches.

Another thing is I am starting to wane on the marketing of Goa Traffic. I know I need to call the airport shops and visist my local Waterstones but really I want to put all my energies into The Bittersweet Vine and The Chupplejeep Mysteries. I know I am putting it off and that isnt something I normally do... anyway until next time.

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