Saturday, 10 March 2012

Excellent News

really quick blog today as its the Weekend and H will be in a mard if he finds me blogging. Anyway the news in Friend Simon Howes has released his first novel today on kindle. Its called Storytelling and it sounds like a gripping read. I will of course be purchasing it when I eventually purchase a kindle. Simon has also founded a new website for authors and readers called Novel Reads...
Check it out if you find the time. I will be adding it to my links. This week has been good publicity wise for Goa Traffic and for the first time in a long while  feel like I have acheived something.... so 31 wont be so bad afterall. All I can say is that the hard work has paid off.
H has just passed me a glass of wine now so I'll be logging off but tonight I shall sleep with a well deserved smile on my face!

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