Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Almost there...

Well I am almost thre with a lot of things. For starters my webiste is nearly there. I listened to my radio interview yesterday (cringe worthy) so that can no go on teh site and just a few other bits and bobs to do and its done.

And yes I have changed my "A pointing" or whatever that means and now my web address links up with my website---- A.Mazing yes so now I can add webiste creation to my CV. Well H did most of it - all of it to be honest.

And last night I did quite a bit fo editing on The BitterSweet. Basically I am ten pages away from completing draft three.... It will still need another ten drafts its currently like draft one for most writers I am sure.

My plan is to fnsih the last ten pages... re-shuffle chapters (by End March)...complete draft 4 (by June) then work on the pitch, synopsis and first three chapters for Submission by well lets say August now.... I feel like I am writing my life away and this doesnt leave me with much time to complete Under the Coconut Tree with has now taken precedence over Living the Dream due to the success of Goa Traffic....

In Otehr news still not Q3 statement from Authorhouse... must chase!!!

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