Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ali Shaw

Well bloggees I know I said I am almost there over a week ago now but now I really am almost there- with the website that is. Basically I just have to read through it and H needs to check the punctuation and grammar – he is much better than me and then we are good to go. I reckon it will be done by Friday!!! So there you have it you can create your own website to market your book. Did you get a copy of Simon Howes – The Storyteller? I can tell you that will be my first purchase on Kindle.

In more exciting news I am half way through Isabelle Greys Outside and its very good – well it took me a while to get into but it is pretty good now. Makes you think- what would you do if you killed a child unintentionally- your own child at that?! Scary stuff.. it wouldn’t be nice.

Anyway if you are in the Oxfordhire area and fancied yourself as a writer or if you like Oxford based writer Ali’Shaws work come along to the event below:

I will be doing a bit of a talk as well about self publishing and you can pick up a copy of Goa Traffic…

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