Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The belly rules the mind.

The belly rules the mind.  ~Spanish Proverb

Very excited indeed. I have just seen the new kindle cover for Goa Traffic and it looks great. The front cover on this edition is a bit more abstract but we’ll see – now the fun part converting it all onto e-pub and formatting and uploading to Amazon!!! Very exciting! I am hoping I can upload it all to Good reads as well for people to download if it all goes well.

It is quite exciting knowing that so much is available to the self publisher by the way of e-publishing! And surely it’s a great way to get some reviews and test the market!

I have decided to publish this edition under my new publishing name Yeoman Publishing. I have an edited copy of Goa Traffic (The acknowledgements slightly changed) in word format ready to go. Thanks to my pound this has already been formatted (I think) by the good people at Author House- well I presume that this was included in the whole editing process. I hope so – or it could take me forever!!

Wish me luck – I hope to get this all finalised and up on to kindle by the end of next week!!!

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  1. Luck!!!

    That's pretty ambitious but, unlike me, you are very organised and driven! One of these days, I will get round to reading Goa Traffic... Promise.