Thursday, 23 June 2011

The only time to believe any kind of rating...

The only time to believe any kind of rating is when it shows you at the top. 
Bob Hope

Today I received a bit of a review from the first male reader of my book, 'Goa Traffic' available at all good online retailers - sorry had to get that in- (husband aside) he said something along the lines that the beginning was slow but was now getting interesting. I will wait for the final review but it is nice to see a man reading it and will be good to hear the result. the beginning is more catered for women I guess, or maybe it is just a slow start. 

Today I am annoyed by the amazingness (I know this is not a word) of other blogs that I have seen from writers. They look more like websites with interesting topics and a gazillion comments going on. I somewhat feel the simplicity of my blog is not really inspiring much commentary, but my traffic flow - I think- is fairly good- so are people not commenting because they don't feel like it- but just reading it to see what I am musing about on a particular day?  or is my blog that un-inspiring/thought provoking that people don't have much to say. 

A feeling of negativity washes over me but I let it, I let it wash away. I am pretty happy with my blog, the way it looks- and what I write- well I cant help that. What I am doing though is creating a website- as soon as I manage to sort the details of that - I will be up and running and hopefully it will be simplistic and 'me'. That is all that I can hope for. But there is a niggling question at the back of my mind that asks whether I should upgrade my blog to something a bit more flash?! 

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