Thursday, 30 June 2011

The difference between fiction and reality is...

The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense.
Tom Clancy

So the deed is done! I have sent my email (somewhat spam like) to pretty much all of my email contacts. Only 6 delivery failures so I am hoping this email gets forwarded as much as possible. Apparently we are all connected by 6 people so lets see if the six degrees of separation works and if you get this email too! If you do please le me know- that would be an interesting experiment in itself. Although how many people will just bin it in any case?! Who knows. I have put my blog details on it (as well as finally managing to create a hyperlink to my Yudu published chapter) so lets see if the traffic increases on my blog site. I have also added a much needed signature to my yahoo email account that gives people the details of my book. If only I could do that with my work one as well!

I do hope it works. I think that’s it for marketing Goa Traffic for a while. I am going to give it at least a two week break. This is solely to refresh my mind and perhaps think of new marketing ploys. On a final note – I have just seen my proof for the Goa Traffic- India version- It does not look as good as the one I have done here- but the distribution channels are set up and I can see it appealing to tourists so lets see how that goes. I envision it will be out in a couple of months.   Either way I need a break from marketing and I need to give my new novel, The Book Club, some more attention.

I emailed off my first chapter of The Book Club (warts and all) to someone in my writing group that has given it a great review and thinks it will be looked upon favourably. It is a good opener- even if I do say so myself- but it is a long way from completion. At my last writing group though they tore into my psychiatrist scene! I know I should go and visit one to see what they are actually like- In fact that is now on my list of things to do (I’ll let you know how it goes- a bit worried I may actually find it helpful) – basically I need to read through this first draft. I started yesterday but with all my Yudu-ing and sending out emails, it got put to the side. I really want to have a first read through and make any changes by the end of July. Then it will be ready for its first viewing- my mother and mother in law and a good friend that reads and then the changing and adding and subtracting and fleshing out this skeleton piece will really happen. I reckon this process to get to a complete third draft – will take the best part of the rest of this year. I am hoping to have it ready for December.

Any new author will tell you – writing can be very disheartening and for the last couple of weeks I have felt rather jaded. It is truly a passion but can be very frustrating and for women who are always their own biggest critiques it can be a bit depressing when you just want to tear up everything you have ever written.

Since the release of Goa Traffic - I feel my brain has been over-worked! I need a holiday for my mind, but all women will know this is a very hard thing to do. Maybe if I find the key to it I can write a book about it!!

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  1. Hi Marissa - I'm a friend of Anna's and just got 'the email'!!! I've just read the first couple of pages and it sounds great. Having spent alot of time in Goa over the years it has some extra appeal to me as I know all of the place names mentioned! We did meet a long time ago at Anna's wedding in Goa! Good luck with marketing Goa Traffic and with your new novel.