Thursday, 19 May 2011

Write what you want to read. The person you know best...

Write what you want to read. The person you know best in this world is you. Listen to yourself. If you are excited by what you are writing, you have a much better chance of putting that excitement over to a reader.
Robin McKinley

So another day goes by, today my amazon profile should be up! after a few technical hitches. I even managed to upload the picture that is on the back of my book. Its not the best picture in the world. My family have kindly pointed that out... but I like it, I think I look like an author in in. Is that wrong? to want to look like an author- just thinking that makes me think that I am a fraud! but I am not for anyone following my blog you will know that I am not - I may try and make some bits sound light hearted but it has been a struggle, a really eye opener amongst other things. But most importantly it is my passion and so I know I am not a fraud.

Anyway back to amazon and after stalking my ratings- which today have fallen massively to 73,000 (if you are reading this and haven't bought a copy- think about it- Goa Traffic is the name)  I came across sugar and spice- well it wasnt a pure accident I was told about it, and so I checked it out and apparently the author Saffina Desforges has published this book herself on kindle and sold over 50,000 copies- no agent, no publisher. Wow I say my jaw dropping to the floor! I am jealous of course I am I wont deny that but I am impressed- there you have it pure success from doing her own thing- did she try and get published who knows? Maybe she will write a book about it someday - but amidst the jealousy- and there isnt much jealousy let me just point out! - there is a small sense of pride for another one of us- that has accomplished something  herself without the subjectivity of an agent or a publishing house! Good for her... which makes me think I need to get an e-book out there and I need to buy a kindle! 

Lets see 

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