Sunday, 20 February 2011

I try to leave out the parts that people skip.

 I try to leave out the parts that people skip.  ~Elmore Leonar

So my Galley and front cover has arrived. I was very excited indeed when the email came up on my blackberry truncated due to size. I rushed home opened it up and had a look. I was excited, so excited that my cheeks started to hurt from all that smiling. I was definitely glad I gave them the photo for the novel. They have used a good font (my design skills are zero) and actually made the back quite classy too. I am very happy with it. Just a couple of tweaks and I am done!!

Now again I face the arduous task of going through the book with a fine tooth comb checking for any errors. I am hoping there are none. I went through it carefully last time so I am hoping that there are none and I am hoping the publishers didn’t add any.  The publishers have been very efficient in fact they have sent the galley copy through a good three weeks before they said they were going to!!

I have a few concerns though about the self publishing business. Well several really. Setting the price is another task set for me, the money I make per book is minimal. Don’t get me wrong I am not looking to make money from this – but to break even would be nice. Never the less. It is minimal and the pricing structure seems odd to me. 

Another disappointment is that you are only allowed one set of changes (25 changes of your own mistakes) – the next you have to pay for – so you have to get it right the first time. there are add on costs everywhere and if you are not decisive or know what you like you could end up paying a lot- after all this is your work of art, your baby– so the pitfalls of self publishing can be very costly- different to traditional publishing- but the benefit is you write exactly what you want to in it!!

And why  have they only furnished me with one design? A couple to choose from would surely be better. Especially as your changes are so limited. I wonder how much people actually spend if they are not sure of that they want – but want it perfect! I am glad I did my internet research first and knew about these add ons etc- although I say that now, maybe check again next week.

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